BT HomeHub 5 is Powered by Dark Magic – And Not the Good Kind!

August 14, 2014 By 0 Comments

So, yesterday morning I was on the phone to BT, partly to find out why they’re trying to take payment just two weeks after they last took money, and partly to find out why their HomeHub would randomly drop all local connections (both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections).

As it turns out, there was a fault on my line, external to the house, which would occasionally disrupt the internet. Great! Good to know, but it doesn’t answer my question of why the new HomeHub was dropping all my internal connections — or I didn’t think it did. Apparently, for whatever reason, the two are tied. If the internet connection drops briefly, the hub drops everything inside the house as well.

I didn’t believe it as much you you don’t. In every other system I’ve encountered, the two are isolated. The internet dropping doesn’t affect the file transfer between my laptop and desktop. It shouldn’t. But with HomeHub it does. I tried a couple of ways of asking, just in case their wording was throwing me off, but no. If the internet flickers, all local network is dropped.

…what? Why? Who would do that?