Getting an Upgrade

October 5, 2014 By 0 Comments

So, despite how good the Peugeot 106 was in terms of fuel, a few loud unpleasant sounds caused me to need to start looking at something a bit newer; the car’s worth in welding just to get through the next MOT wasn’t a promising investment, especially when it was likely to require further work next time round.

After looking around some dealers, (and dodgy finance companies!) I ended up picking another Peugeot. This time around it was a 308 (59 plate; so not even 5 years old yet– though only just!) Red again, but this one has the added bonus of 5 doors and even 2 cup holders! I’ll have had it for a week come tomorrow lunchtime, and this weekend I travelled back to Suffolk to drop off the 106 at the folks’ place; my dad and brother want to see if it’s of value to them. Even after so little time, having been driving the bigger 308, getting back into the 106 is quite the change!

Pulling away from the house I almost went forward trying to reverse, down the A1(M) I almost went into reverse looking for 6th, washed the front window aiming for the radio control. It’s very different, and you get used to all the little extra luxuries far too quickly when swapping – it’s much easier going up than it is down!

It’s definitely a big jump up, but it’s for the better; work requires a vehicle that’s reliable, not one threatening to murder it’s occupants while grumbling about the ride.

Old and New