Meet the Family

February 11, 2015 By 0 Comments

Recently, a couple of new additions came to the small bungalow in Garforth in which I reside. As you might already know, Pumpkin and Marmalade joined towards the end of November, and Hazel a couple of weeks later. Now we welcome Cocoa and Pepper, a Tan and Mini Rex respectively.


Terrified Cats in Role Reversal of Predator and Prey

Pumpkin and Marmalade back to the safety of a coffee table away from the fierce hunter Cocoa.


The chase is on!

The hunters corner their prey.


Don't worry Marmalade!

Marmalade knows this can only end badly. It’s ok Marmalade! They won’t eat you!



The spoils of victory!


Not amused

Pumpkin is not amused that he has lost the battle for his dinner.