Computer Running Slow? The Answer May be Hidden in the Wires…

October 23, 2015 By 0 Comments

Today started much like any other; I arrived at work, pulled my laptop out of my bag, plugged in it, and sat down as a coffee was delivered direct to my seat. (I love arriving just in time for a round!) Powered on, logged in, and then it happened. Everything started running slow. Very slow.

I checked the usual suspects; restarted to finish installing Windows updates, ran a disk defrag, ran CCleaner, checked task manager for any spikes (though no total went over 35% capacity). Pencilled it down as a lost cause for now, and just decided to get on with what I was supposed to be doing. (Although that’s not fun when it involves running Virtual Machines on a sluggish host!)

Later on, when going through my bag for some notes, I realised in my pre-coffee state, I had made a mistake! When setting up, I had plugged in the power cable already at the desk, not the one from my bag. Both are Dell, both have the same connection; but the one I plugged in was only 65W, as opposed to the 95W cable the laptop needs – and because it was an “incompatible” cable, the system throttled many of the resources to protect itself.

So, added to my list of checks, just under “Is it plugged in?”, I’ve decided to add “Is it plugged in correctly?”