A parcel arrives!

November 15, 2015 By 0 Comments

Earlier today I received a parcel, one that I’ve been waiting for.  I’d been meaning to get a case for the iPad Mini I have for work for a while now.   Looking around, I decided on one that came with a built in keyboard that connects via bluetooth.  Although tiny, it hasn’t taken too long to get used to it, and be able to use it with reasonable speed.  Thaat said, I’m still not used to most of the symbols sharin the letter keys, and accessed via a function key, but given the size already, it’s easy to tell why that was done.

The quality seems to very worthy of the pennies I spent on it (£35 on Amazon), and it nicely clicks together when it’s closed to stay that way. It features a number of function keys that link into the iPad’s features (volume, playlist, clipboard, lock, etc).  I’ve found so far that I’m much faster typing on this that the onscreen keyboard the iPad offers on its own.  Particularly when it comes to using Evernote or Ulysses.

The balance is a little off when it’s on my lap, but that seems largely due to the size; it works beautifully when placed on a surface.

(I’m actually using it to write this article right now!  This also doubles as a test off the WordPress app for iPad – something that could use a little more work, but seems generallypretty good.)

Overall, I’m very pleased with the keyboard, and will likely be making more use of it in the very near future – anyone know any good syntax highlighting text editors for iPad?