Using SSH Keys with Git in Windows

September 5, 2016 By 0 Comments

Ok, this one is more just a note for myself, because everytime I come to a new Windows box, I have to look up how to set this, but if it helps you out as well, all the better. 🙂

First up, make sure to install both Git and PuTTY.

Using PuTTY Gen, generate your public/private key pair as normal, and save the files.

Before closing PuTTY Gen, go to Conversions, and Export OpenSSH Key.

Save this file in the file. C:\Users\Shojy\.ssh\id_rsa

You should also substitute the username for your own.


Where this doesn’t work, you might need to add the id_rsa file to Program Files\Git or Program Files (x86)\Git.

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